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Adding Go language support to a Yocto build

20 Oct 2014

There is an existing Yocto meta-layer to add support for cross-building golang programs as part of an image. This makes it very easy to add golang programs to your Yocto built systems.

Note that this is for cross-compiling only. There is no native golang compiler that gets installed on the target device.

Using these instructions for a Gumstix Overo as a base, here is what you need to add to your Yocto configuration

Fetch the Go meta-layer

I’m going to put the layer in it’s own directory. You can put it somewhere else.

$ mkdir ~/golang
$ cd golang
$ git clone https://github.com/errordeveloper/oe-meta-go.git

Add the new layer to bblayers.conf

Note the new path you are adding must point to where you cloned the repo above.

$ cd ~/overo/build/conf
$ <edit> bblayers.conf


  ${HOME}/poky-daisy/meta \
  ${HOME}/poky-daisy/meta-yocto \
  ${HOME}/poky-daisy/meta-openembedded/meta-oe \
  ${HOME}/poky-daisy/meta-openembedded/meta-networking \
+  ${HOME}/golang/oe-meta-go \
  ${HOME}/overo/meta-overo \

Add the example helloworld app to an image

There is an example program recipe in the oe-meta-go layer


You can use it as a template for your own programs.

I’m going to create a new image recipe to add the go-helloworld package. Alternatively, you could add the package to an existing image recipe’s IMAGE_INSTALL.

I’m using an existing console-image recipe to configure the bulk of the system.

$ cd ~/overo/meta-overo/images
$ <edit> go-image.bb

SUMMARY = "A development image with a go program"
HOMEPAGE = "https://jumpnowtek.com"

require console-image.bb

    go-helloworld \


export IMAGE_BASENAME = "go-image"

Build the new image

$ source ~/poky-daisy/oe-init-build-env ~/overo/build
$ bitbake go-image

After it builds, install the image to an SD card as usual.


root@overo:~# opkg list-installed | grep hello
go-helloworld - 0.1-r0

root@overo:~# ls -l /usr/bin/helloworld
-rwxr-xr-x 1 root root 1097752 Oct 20 16:07 /usr/bin/helloworld

root@overo:~# helloworld
Hello, 世界