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Raspberry Pi Serial Console

20 Mar 2016

I’m using SparkFun FTDI Basic Breakout - 3.3V boards to convert the RPi TTL serial lines to a USB serial connection for the PC.

For the RPi2 and RPi3 the pin connections are

FTDI Breakout    RPi2 Header
GND              06 GND
RXI              08 TXD0
TXO              10 RXD0

Using an RPi Compute Module the pin connections are

FTDI Breakout    RPi Compute Module Dev Kit Header
GND              GND (any)
RXI              14 TXD0
TXO              15 RXD0

The serial parameters are 1152008N1 with no flow control.

On the RPi3 UART0 is normally used for the onboard Bluetooth radio.

To use the UART0 pins on the header as a serial console, disable Bluetooth usage with a device tree overlay by appending this to your config.txt